Online Nutritional Assessment

Online Nutrition Assessment Tool

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Find out what diet changes and supplements are right for you.

The Online Nutrition Assessment is the most powerful way to get personal recommendations that will help optimize your health and well being.

Open up hidden aspects of your health.

Often symptoms seem to have no specific cause but identified and researched together nutritional deficiencies are recognized.  Addressing these deficiencies can remove chronic, unnecessary suffering while improving the performance of the health area most important to you right now.


-        Chronic digestive problems could be due to a mineral or enzyme deficiency.

-        Fatigue can be caused by a vitamin deficiency.

-        Joints that pop and click may indicate a need for essential fatty acids.

-        Dry, itchy skin or skin that peels on feet can point to a need for liver support.

With a detailed questionnaire based on diet, lifestyle, and symptoms, this assessment helps give you insights into 15 different body systems, potential nutritional deficiencies, and conditions. You will be able to take action!

Receive 6 reports for use as indicators of your health.

  • Symptom Burden Graph – An easy-to-understand graph charts your answers, rating them from Low Priority to High Priority.
  • Symptom Burden Report – You will know what body systems to address first to achieve the changes you want.
  • NAQ – Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire – Your assessment and answers. Learn the most important body systems to address first.
  • Client Responses – Simple to understand report groups your most severe to least severe symptoms.
  • Supplement Recommendations – A clear, personal supplement protocol.
  • Client Recommendations – Summary including diet and lifestyle changes that will have the most positive impact.

*The information in the reports is not meant to substitute for the advice of your medical practitioners. It is not a diagnosis or prescription.