Healthy Holiday: Pumpkin Pie Recipe [VIDEO]


Wonderful desserts don’t have to create bulging waistlines or poor health. This gluten-free, low sugar recipe with a nut crust will have guests asking you for the recipe. Step-by-step instructions demonstrate how to roast a fresh…  Continue Reading 

Food Cravings: Kale Chips Recipe [VIDEO]


Craving fatty, greasy foods, salty, or crunchy foods? This recipe can be your solution. Identify the possible nutrient deficiencies and the foods to use as healthy alternatives.  

Gluten-free Mini Pizzas Recipe for Bentos and More [VIDEO]


Everyone loves pizza – especially if they can build their own!  Follow along to make your own homemade gluten free pizza dough and sauce.  Learn about sunflower seed butter.  Put it all together in…  Continue Reading 

Nutritional Benefits of Coconut (Coconut Shrimp Recipe) [VIDEO]

Video thumbnail for youtube video Nutritional Benefits of Coconut (Coconut Shrimp Recipe) - The Right Plan Nutrition Counseling

Thorough discussion of health benefits of using coconut in the various forms. Shows how to choose, open, and use a young coconut for coconut water and coconut meat. Includes directions for making Coconut…  Continue Reading 

Trail Mix

Trail Mix: It’s a quick, easy, and nutritious snack. Purchased at the store trail mix can be rather expensive. This trail mix recipe will save your grocery bills by spending just a half…  Continue Reading