Sugar – Why Is It So Hard To Give Up?

sugar cubes

Sugar – What’s Happening? A quick personal “case study” regarding sugar and then on to how the dopamine receptors are causing your sugar cravings, why it’s happening, and what to do about it. Halloween…  Continue Reading 

Real Food for Real Health


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Coconut Pancakes – without the coconut flavor

Coconut Milk Pancakes

Coconut Pancakes It’s probably no big surprise by now, but I love the health benefits of coconut.  Unfortunately my family doesn’t really like the taste of coconut.  Add this to an every increasing…  Continue Reading 

Coconut in Many Forms (Water, Meat & Sugar) – Still Healthy

coco bath

Coconut Benefits: Coconut is naturally revitalizing. For most people, they will feel a burst of energy within 5 min. of eating fresh coconut. Coconuts are not high in cholesterol. Coconut is a saturated…  Continue Reading 

Healthy Sugar – Is There Really Such A Thing?

sugar cubes

Healthy Sugar? I just had the pleasure of taking one of my private clients shopping. We went to a huge grocery store that had a large natural foods section. In fairness, my family chooses…  Continue Reading 

Video – White Sugar – What’s the Problem?

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Alternate Names for Sugar Healthier Sweeteners