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 As busy people it’s hard to find the time to make our health a priority.  We already have so much to do each day!  Worse, when we finally do take the time the information is overwhelming and confusing.  There’s no shortage of information about health and nutrition out there.   Unfortunately one article tells you to do one thing and another says something entirely different.   It can be frustrating sorting through it all.  And who has that much time?  You could spend hours surfing for information and still not understand what’s really going to work for you.

Or, we commit to making healthier meals, but where to start?  Do you buy a cookbook, test some recipes, hope the family likes them, and try to find the recipe again next time?  Follow the latest magazine’s trend?  Which recipes are truly healthy and tasty?

How often have you committed to getting healthier or eating better and gotten lost in all that information?

Join Now - Hand Drawn RedFor years I struggled with these same frustrations.  Almost daily a magazine was arriving regarding nutrition or cooking.  Even after nine years of education, I was still looking for a fast, easy answer and it was costing me a fortune.  Not to mention all the times I made a dinner and ended up having to order out because healthy was always bland and boring!

Over the past couple years, I’ve found the solution that made my life so much easier – saving time and money.

I’ve created a quick, one stop site for recipes, articles, research, and support.

  • Find hundreds of healthy recipes that aren’t bland and boring in just seconds. Tried, true, tasty, and part of a nutrition diet plan the whole family can enjoy. They're also quick to make so you don’t spend all day in the kitchen.
  • A new recipe with video tutorial each month so you fully understand how to make what are sure to become your family’s favorite foods.
  • Access researched, unbiased articles about nutrition.  Some supposedly “healthy” diet foods are dangerous – we sort through the information so you don’t have to.
  • Get encouragement through the success stories of others.
  • Receive weekly support emails and nutrition tips to help you continue reaching your goals.
  • Join the forum to interact with fellow members and get personalized advice from me because we all need extra cheerleaders in our life.
  • Collect members-only discounts on video tutorials, cookbooks, classes, seminars, and more.
  • Receive first notice and members-only pricing on upcoming events, like the 2013 retreat.



“I’ve learned so much from Kellie and The Right Plan!  I thought I was eating all the right foods, the low fat, low calorie and what I thought was balanced meals.  Was I wrong.  Kellie has set me on the right path to proper nutrition and eating the right food”.     ~Lea R., Medford OR


Your time is valuable so I’ll give you the best trusted resources in one site.  Whether you need a quick healthy recipe,  a video tutorial, nutrition articles, support for your goals, classes, or your personal questions answered, you’ll find it all and more to help you achieve your goals, without having the frustration of spending hours researching.

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“While there is no shortage of information regarding health and nutrition out there, it can be overwhelming sorting through it all. Since becoming a client at The Right Plan I have been able to conquer the confusion and make healthy choices a natural part of my day. Kellie has shown me nutritious foods that I never, ever, imagined I would eat that have become a regular staple in our house. I actually love to grocery shop now and I am proud to say there is virtually no processed food in my house. I highly recommend Kellie and the service she provides.” ~ Kerri Misener


Why Should I Join When I Can Find Nutrition Tips and Recipes On-Line for Free?

Icon - Exclamation PointThe Right Plan is a one-of-a-kind nutrition resource.  People join because they can quickly access nutrition information knowing the recipes will be healthy and delicious, the videos will be easy to follow, the support will help them reach their goals, and the discounts quickly pay for the membership.  Just one cooking series would cost you almost $900.  A membership to The Right Plan is $890 less and you have access to 100 times the amount of information!  Sure, you can find lots of tutorials floating around online, but finding what you are looking for is no easy task, taking valuable time to weed through dozens of mediocre, or even poorly made videos, with no guarantee they’ll be healthy or tasty.  Even if you do find what you’re looking for the author or cook is often unavailable to answer questions.  That is the difference – not only am I here to help, but you will find a community of helpful members as well.  With membership you will have access to all the recipes, articles, archived blogs, support emails, forum, and discounts.  Have a video or recipe request?  Just let me know and I will add it to the list.  This membership is so affordable because I want members to stay active for more than just a month or two.  We are building a wonderful, positive atmosphere for people interested in nutrition to learn and share.


What is the membership fee?

Hurry - Burst Badge GreenMembership is a special offer right now.  Think of it as a magazine subscription, only it is interactive and offers so much more information on a weekly basis rather than a monthly basis.  You will find the membership pays for itself almost immediately.  No more making multiple meals – one for your “diet” and one for your family.  Knowing how to make your own nutrient-dense whole food meals will save you thousands of dollars a year while increasing your energy, improving your health, and decreasing your stress.  According to CBS News the average American spends $35 per week fast food.  That’s $1820 a year, per person.  What if you could save $1820 by making your own healthy, tasty meals?

Can I Cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel at any time by contacting me directly.


  • Save time and money
  • Find hundreds of health, tasty recipes
  • Monthly video tutorials
  • Researched, unbiased articles about nutrition
  • Success stories
  • Weekly support and nutritional tips
  • Interactive forum
  • Members-only discounts

All for the introductory price of only $1 for the first month and $9.97 per month after!


Sound too good to be true?

It’s not.  There’s no catch.  Don’t let another month pass you by.

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